Onsite Chair Massage For Workplace-Corporate Events and Parties Stress in the workplace is a serious issue as we can see from many studies and statistics. It negatively affects employee health, which causes a decrease in productivity and profits. Providing your workforce with means to decrease job stress is beneficial all around. Improved employee health translates into less absenteeism, increased productivity and decrease in health insurance claims. But the task of analyzing, stratagizing and organizing the cause, effect and prevention of stress in the workplace can be daunting. For a traditional wellness program to work, everyone has to be on board and that requires… Effort! Generally, people are hesitant to make changes but you can guide your employees along the road to Workplace Wellness by starting with a stress management technique that requires absolutely no physical or mental effort on their part. On Site Chair Massage is THE most convenient way to provide job stress relief.  Chair massage can increase energy, alertness and productivity in as little as 10 minutes.
Benefits of chair massage
  • Increases circulation and the flow of nutrients throughout the system.
  • Reduces muscular tension that can lead to chronic pain.
  • Stimulates lymphatic tissues thereby flushing out toxins.
  • Helps to relieve muscle stiffness and stress-induced tension.
  • Releases endorphins (feel-good hormone) into the blood stream.
  • Reduces fatigue, anxiety and depression.
  • Helps provide better quality of sleep.
Bring something new to your parties!! Try chair massage for your celebrations. Your guests will love it!! Weddings -Birthday Parties – Sweet 16 -Holiday Parties -Super Bowl – Fund Raisers – Bridal Showers – Baby Showers – Ladies Night